Michał Giżycki – clarinetist, saxophonist, improviser and composer.

He has collaborated with many musicians from improvised, experimental, jazz, rock, folk and traditional music scenes as well as painters and dancers.

Many years of practice allows him to use extensive playing techniques, such as circular breathing or multiphonics, thanks to which he creates multi-layered structures on seemingly monophonic instruments when playing solo.

Founder of TORF records – a label with improvised, free jazz and creative music, intended to connect musicians from various backgrounds.

Over the last few years, he has played many times with leading  improvisers from all over the world at the Spontaneous Music Festival and the Spontaneous Live Series in Poznań.

Currently, he is a member of: the En quartet, Satori duo, Drogi Krajowe, Czarnoziem, JEST, MikrobioM and  Efflux Collective.

In 2022, he created music for solo bass clarinet for the short film “Burial” directed by Jerzy Czachowski. The film was screened at festivals in Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Scotland, USA, Iran and India.

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